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The X-Couple: Vea Evitus

Walter Skinner's idyllic weekend at his apartment takes a turn for the bizarre when his landlord arrives with a stack of eviction notices. Apparently, strange happenings like blinding lights, helicopter landings, and small grey creatures roaming the halls have become a regular occurrence, courtesy of Skinner's mysterious roommate, Cancer Man. Things escalate further when a mysterious new piece of furniture appears and levitates Skinner against his will. It seems Cancer Man might be more involved in the apartment's odd events than he lets on, and finding a decent lawyer might be the least of their problems. Will Skinner escape eviction and the clutches of his otherworldly roommate? Will Cancer Man ever learn to use a coaster? Crystal City, Virginia Walter Skinner's Apartment 1:28 p.m. Saturday "Warnings?" Walter Skinner repeated the most striking word in his landlord's last sentence. "What warning?" As the stocky landlord began unfolding the paper

The X-Couple: EBE's Are Wild

 x-FBI boss Skinner's orderly life explodes when his new roommate, the shadowy Cancer Man, throws a wild poker game. Their apartment transforms into a chaotic alien nightclub, filled with cigar-chomping grays, furniture defying explanation, and a three-fingered cyclopean guest reeking of regret. As bewildered Agent Scully arrives to investigate prank calls, Skinner desperately tries to maintain order while Mulder prepares to crash the party – all amidst the cacophony of a poker game gone... extraterrestrial? The X-Couple Episode One "EBE's Are Wild" PR Chung & Victor Skynard Crystal City, Virginia Walter Skinner's Apartment 1:28 a.m. Skinner awoke to a blinding light filling his bedroom, the building shaking violently, and when a humanoid creature scurried across the foot of his bed he knew immediately what was happening— The Friday night poker game had kicked into full swing. Before he could get his pants up and zip them the sound of music began blaring from

The X-Couple: Getting To Know You

Walter Skinner, ex-Assistant Director of the FBI with a penchant for pressed suits and order, finds himself sharing his meticulously kept apartment with Cancer Man, a chain-smoking government operative with secrets darker than his coffee and a tolerance for the bizarre bordering on the extraterrestrial. Thrown together by a twist of bureaucratic fate (and possibly some alien intervention), these polar opposites are about to embark on a dysfunctional cohabitation unlike any witnessed on Earth, or possibly, off it. The X-Couple  Episode One "Getting to Know You" An original spoof created by PR Chung & Victor Skynard *** Bear with us X-Files Fan Fiction reader, for you are about to enter a strange world of the familiar and yet bizarre. With all due respect and much adoration, we are about to make our favorite characters jump through some very twisted hoops... based somewhat on the famous Neil Simon play "The Odd Couple." How could we have passed this up...? T

The Spider and the FBI: Part 9 Finale "One of These Days"

Synopsis: A small-town's idyllic Fourth of July celebration explodes into gunfire as a ruthless hitman targets Scully and Skinner's prisoner. In the ensuing chaos, Skinner is thrust into the crosshairs. This heart-stopping finale leaves lives, and a budding romance between Scully and Skinner, teetering on the brink. Will they survive the night, or will the chilling silence of loss overshadow the festive fireworks? Notes:  The title of this final part is drawn from a Neil Young song, ‘One of These Days,’ which I’ve always enjoyed, but it really set a tone for the final scene with Skinner here. I do use a lot of music in my work; however, this is implied, background music for the scene. If you, the reader, is interested, check out the song and maybe you’ll get the vibe.  This is my first, and probably, my last writing of a gun battle. It might be terrible; it might be great. I feel that I got the point across, but I’m one to read anything with gun battles and really just know wha

The Spider and the FBI: Part 8 "They didn't teach that at Arthur Murray"

Synopsis by guest writer Jose Chung: Ah, the Fourth of July, a time for fireworks, patriotism, and apparently, romantic entanglements amidst the chaos. Picture this: a bustling square, teeming with folks eager for the grand spectacle, but beneath the surface lies a whirlwind of emotions fit for a daytime soap opera. Enter Scully, a woman consumed by turmoil, and Skinner, a man with a penchant for authority and perhaps a dash of jealousy. Their heated exchange, set against the backdrop of exploding fireworks, is a symphony of passion and misunderstanding, punctuated by the crackle of gunfire—a plot twist that even I couldn't have scripted better myself. But wait, amidst the chaos, a moment of unexpected tenderness unfolds, proving that love, like fireworks, can ignite in the most unlikely of places. So, grab your popcorn and buckle up, folks, because this Fourth of July just got a whole lot more intriguing! Preface: If anyone is wondering about the reference to Arthur Murray, it’s a