Conversation Mints (1/3)

Valentine’s Day in Washington D.C. at the FBI. Scully is looking forward to a fancy outing for once with a very prominent doctor, while Skinner has been roped into a mercy date by two longtime friends. Unknowingly, Skinner and Scully are attending the same the event, where each of their dates from hell unexpectedly ditch them and leads to unexpectedly sweet revelations about each other. Conversation Mints by PR February 12th Washington DC J. Edgar Hoover Building Returning from lunch, Agent Dana Scully found her partner exactly as she had left him nearly an hour before. Hunched over their desk, Mulder surveyed the papers spread across it with much of the same intensity he was munching sunflower seeds.   "Is it too late to withdraw my decision to stay in for lunch?" he asked without looking up at her.   "Yes," she said bluntly, shutting the door.   Mulder glanced up, surprised by the tone of her voice.   Walking to the desk she held up a white paper sa

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Complimentary Mints 3: All The King's Mints

Stranded by a winter storm, Agents Mulder, Scully, and Skinner embark on a chaotic road trip rife with tension and unspoken desires. Between facing a speeding ticket, battling a relentless ice storm, and enduring Mulder's peculiar food choices, the close quarters amplify a growing attraction between Scully and Skinner. Despite their professional distance, a near-miss accident and a late-night offer leave them both questioning their next steps as they reach Scully's apartment building. Complimentary Mints Part III:  All the King's Mints by PR Chung October 8, 1997 Re-release: June 25, 2023 Skinner/Scully Angst and Humor   * The X-Files and characters used here are creations of Chris Carter and 1013 Productions, I have only borrowed them for a moment of humor and romance. *Many thanks to Mr. Elvis Presley for his wonderful voice and lyrics, the inspiration to so many angst-riddled would-be lovers. Complimentary Mints Part III:  All the King's Mints by