Complimentary Mints: Part 2 - Brief Encounters

Complimentary Mints Part II:  Brief Encounters by PR Chung   “Scully… they want your toast.” “What?” She didn’t understand why Mulder was telling her that. She’d eaten the toast. She looked at her plate, and clearly all the toast was gone. And who was it who wanted the toast in the first place? “Bullseyes.” She looked at Skinner, and he handed her a set of darts. “Loser buys the beer,” he said and smiled. That was odd , she thought. “Do it!” Her friends at the high top were shouting, cheering her on. She loved that they could all come. She hadn’t seen them all since she’d graduated. “My money’s on you.” Mulder joined in. “Kick his ass, Scully!” he shouted, his voice crackling with adolescent glee. She looked at Skinner and laughed, “you’re on.” “Don’t cause no trouble in here, missy!” the waitress walked up to Scully and shook a giant tablet at her. “Kick her ass too!” Mulder shouted. The woman narrowed her eyes and leaned closer to Scully. “You better eat t

Complimentary Mints - Part 1 (Repost)

Originally Post: June 23, 1997 Reposted: June 23, 2023  Complimentary Mints by P.R. Chung Seated uncomfortably in a plastic chair, the last available seat in the Salt Lake City airport, FBI agent Fox Mulder shook his head and smiled ruefully thinking again of the absurd events of the past six days. It had all been one big fiasco for the ATF and FBI, an embarrassment for the bureau heads and a study in frustration for the hundreds of agents involved in the unified field operation. Solomon Sloan's reportedly well-armed militia group had held up in their converted summer camp compound straight through the Thanksgiving holiday. Sloan and his group had kept hundreds of ATF and FBI personnel away from their families, showing just enough firepower being managed throughout the compound to lead everyone into believing the validity of their reported stockpile of extensive weapons. Perhaps moved by the spirit of the holiday or some need for warmth after the power was cut, Solomon and his gr