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Am I ready to post this? Probably not. But here it is. Feed back is God. Give it to me, baby! That Time in Vegas… The Ultimate Untold Lone Gunmen and Walter Skinner Adventure – Oh, yeah, and Scully’s in it too. By P.R. Chung Preface Number one, we need to suspend canon here, in both the realms of the X-Files AND the Lone Gunmen, and we’ll wedge this into a series timeline somewhere between Seasons 5 and 7 of the X-Files. So now just roll with it, enjoy, it’s just fan fiction – bat shit crazy, out of control fan fiction full of allusions and homages to so much pop culture and stuff that happened twenty-five or more years ago, that this is very likely going to possibly be too overwhelming for some readers. So please reach back into your past, when you had an open mind, and when the X-Files and its Fan Fiction, however inconceivable and farfetched, was embraced with wide open arms. And there’s a soundtrack to go along with it on YouTube: That Time in Vegas . ** X ** In the shadowy world o