Sunday, September 25, 2011

Glorious Glutes

..::Glorious Glutes::..

by prChung

Challenge (500 words or less to describe our favorite AD's butt...)

She was helpless as her gaze automatically began to roam over the tidy smoothness of his rear end. Momentarily, she contemplated whether or not he tucked the tail of his dress shirts into his underwear to get his ass to look so deliciously smooth beneath his trousers. The only other way to achieve such perfection was going commando as they said. She doubted that Skinner was the type to go without underwear; he was far too staunch for such a thing.
Watching him pace the room, back and forth, to and fro-Her breath caught in her throat with every forth and every fro. Oh what a wonderful view those forth and froes afforded.The way he walked with absolute poise; his hips rolling with a vigorous grace that tightened and flexed those glorious glutes. No discernable creases, no lines…
She straightened in the chair as Skinner walked in her direction once again. He was still going over the case, reading from the file in his hands, his rich voice humming in her ears. She was listening, really and truly, she assured herself as she watched him pivot once again.
She leaned forward a bit, her gaze drifting cautiously downward, caressing the gabardine, following the traditional cut of the man's slacks over the plump swell of fine ass. She was beginning to strain her eyes seeking the elusive lines, a trace of seam-Some sign that there wasn't merely a fine wool blend between her and Skinner's keister! On the edge of her seat, fixated with a man's behind and the fascinating notion that-
Skinner turned unexpectedly short in his stride, punctuating some decree with his motion, and startled the hell out of his one-woman audience in the process.
She straightened just as suddenly, and promptly slipped off the edge of the chair and onto her butt.
Silence fell around her and all was still. She didn't dare look up; he would see her chagrin-her total mortifying, humiliating chagrin!
"Agent Scully?" she heard him say, and the question, like that fine rounded rump was wrapped quite tightly with incredulity. "Are you all right?"
Her tongue was tangled and tied, her eyes fixed on floor when once they had been elsewhere-Oh had he noticed? Had he seen? Did he have any idea---? Of course not!
She looked up with imminent resolve. "I'm…" she began and then smiled, and answered quite clearly as he walked toward her, trouser crotch at eye level, "I'm just fine, sir."

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Super! Can't believe this is still out here. Thanks for keeping the site alive!

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